Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Serjania pluvialiflorens

Croat, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 63:522.1976

Tendriled liana; stems terete, glabrate to sparsely puberu­lent. Leaves biternate; petiole and rachis ± angled and slightly ribbed, usually pubescent at least on upper side; petioles to 6 cm long; leaflets elliptic to ovate, ± sessile, obtuse to acuminate, acute at base, 3-9 cm long, 2-4 cm broad, crenate above middle (the teeth usually glandular), the surface pellucid-punctate, glabrous but sometimes with short-pubescent veins and usually with axillary tufts on lower surface. Thyrses on solitary racemes borne on tendrils and in leaf axils or densely congested in terminal paniculate racemes; pedicels to 1.5 mm long; flowers white, to ca 4.5 mm long; sepals orbicular to obovate, glabrate to tomentulose outside, pubescent or glabrous inside; petals obovate, the scales of the anterior petals two-thirds the length of petals, subtended by a triangular to oblong, ± glabrous gland, the crest yellow, glabrous, the appendage villous, the lateral petals with or without subtending glands, their scales lacking crest; stamens 8; filaments flattened, villous; ovary glabrous or villous near apex and on dorsal side of stigmas. Fruits ovate­-cordate, glabrous, the cells deeply rugose,    2-3 cm long, the wing reddish. Croat 12421.

Rare. Flowers and fruits in the middle to late rainy season (September to November).

Known only from Panama, from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone and Bocas del Toro.

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  • Serjania pluvialiflorens
  • Serjania pluvialiflorens
  • Serjania pluvialiflorens Croat, Isotype
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