Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Schizachyrium brevifolium

Nees ex Kunth, Agrost. Bras. 331. 1829

Andropogon brevifolius Sw.

Usually a weak, slender annual, somewhat decumbent at least at base, to 1 m long, ± glabrous but with scabrous margins. Sheaths shorter than the internodes, compressed; blades 1-4 cm long, l-5 mm wide. Panicle branches slender; racemes solitary, l-3 cm long, glabrous but with short beard on callus; spikelets paired, one sessile and perfect, the other reduced to an awned rudiment; sessile spikelet 1.5-3 mm long, the awn geniculate, to 8 mm long. Fruits oblong-linear, pale brown, to 1.4 mm. long. Shattuck s. n.

Collected once on Orchid Island; though the plant has not been seen for some time, it could easily be over­looked and is to be expected. Apparently flowering and fruiting throughout the year.

Fruits primarily dispersed by adhesion to animals and by hydroscopic action of the awn.

Throughout tropics of Western and Eastern hemi­spheres. Known in Panama from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Herrera, Coclé, Panama, and Darién.