Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Sacciolepis striata

 (L.) Nash, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 30:383.1903

Perennial, l-2 m tall; culms decumbent-spreading, root­ing at lower nodes, glabrous. Sheaths except the upper­most shorter than the internodes, glabrous, the margins ciliate; blades 4-20 cm long, 2-12 (15) mm wide, ± gla­brous but with scabrid margins. Panicles dense, spikelike, terminal, to 20 cm long; spikelets pedicellate on short branches, 3-4 mm long; first glume ovate, short; second glume and sterile lemma nearly equal to each other, prominently veined, glabrous; second glume inflated­-saccate at the base. Fruits ellipsoid, to 1.7 mm long, whitish, indurate. Bailey & Bailey 387.

Collected once on the island; probably no longer pres­ent. Seasonal behavior not certain; probably fertile in late rainy and early dry season.

Reported by Standley as S. myuros (Lam.) R. & S. Southern United States and Panama; West Indies. In Panama, known only from BCI.