Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Polystachya masayensis

Reichb.f., Bonplandia 3:217.1855

Tiny epiphyte, usually 3-10 cm tall; stems very short; pseudobulb inconspicuous, ovoid, usually enclosed in leaf sheaths, bearing 1-5 leaves at apex. Leaves mostly 2.5-8 cm long, 4-8 mm wide, acute to rounded at apex. Inflorescences terminal racemes, usually 1-2.5 cm long, shorter than the leaves; peduncles enclosed in leaf sheaths; rachis densely puberulent; flowers greenish-yellow, ca 3 mm long, each subtended by a persistent bract; dorsal sepal somewhat smaller than the laterals; petals slender; lip somewhat constricted at center, farinose, the apex acute; ovary puberulent. Fruits ellipsoid, ca 7 mm long, puberulent. Croat 7370.

Apparently uncommon, usually growing high in trees in the forest. Flowers from late November to March, perhaps over a longer span.

Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. In Pan­ama, known from tropical moist forest in the vicinity of the Canal Zone and from premontane wet forest in Colon, Chiriqui, and Coclé.