Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Paullinia turbacensis

H.B.K., Nov. Gen. & Sp. 5:114.1821

P. wetmorei Standl.

Tendriled liana; stems terete, ± glabrous, bearing con­spicuous brown lenticels; sap at periphery milky, not copious. Leaves trifoliolate; petioles to 14 cm long, with marginal ribs above, glabrate; leaflets broadly elliptic, acuminate or acute at apex, attenuate to rounded at base, 5-15 cm long, 3-12 cm wide (to 23 cm long and 11 cm wide as juveniles), glabrate but with axillary tufts below, subentire to remotely crenate-dentate. Thyrses small, helicoid, to 7 cm long, solitary or clustered at nodes, often on leafless stems near the ground but occurring to 5 m high; flowers white, ca 5 mm long; petals with the scales ca two-thirds as long as petals, yellow-crested, the anterior scales bilobed, their appendages pubescent, the glands white, acute, densely pubescent; staminal cluster equaling petals; filaments densely pubescent; nectar abundant, stored near the large glands; ovary glabrous; styles pubescent. Capsules elliptic to obovate, 2 cm. long, red, short-pubescent, the 3 boat-shaped valves broadly spreading to expose seeds; seeds 1-3, black, shiny, less than 1 cm long, covered on the lower half by a fleshy white aril, dangling on a thin funiculus when fully dis­played. Croat 7213, 7817.

Frequent in the forest. Flowers in the early dry season (November to February). The fruits mature from Febru­ary to April.

Mexico., Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia. In Pan­ama, known from tropical moist forest on both slopes of the Canal Zone and in Colon, San Blas, Chiriqui, Pa­nama, and Darién, and from premontane wet forest in Panama (Cerro Jefe) and Darién,

See Fig. 346.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Paullinia turbacensis flower-bud
  • Paullinia turbacensis Inflorescence buds
  • Paullinia turbacensis flower
  • Paullinia turbacensis fruit
  • Paullinia turbacensis fruit
  • Paullinia turbacensis Infructescences
  • Paullinia turbacensis immature-fruit
  • Paullinia turbacensis immature-fruit
  • Paullinia turbacensis leaf
  • Paullinia turbacensis seed-dry