Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Paullinia glomerulosa

Radlk., Monogr. Paull. 257. 1895

Liana; stems terete, glabrous; tendrils forked. Leaves subbipinnate (lower set of pinnae biternate), pubescent on upper sides of petioles, rachises, and midribs and on lower midrib and major veins, otherwise glabrous; stip­ules linear-lanceolate, to 1 cm long; petioles 1-2.5 cm long; petiole and rachis narrowly winged, wider at apex; leaflets usually 11, lanceolate, acuminate, acute at base, subsessile, 1.5-10 cm long, l-3 cm wide, both surfaces often bearing granular punctations, ciliate, serrate-dentate in apical half to entire; foliage of young plants gray-green. Thyrses in leaf axils or on leafless stems often near the ground, aggregated, glomerulate; flowers ca 3 mm long, white; pedicels ca 4 mm long; sepals 5, glabrous, orbic­ular to obovate and petaloid, to 3 mm long, spreading; petals 4, narrowly obovate, sparsely granular-puberulent, the scales broader than petals, ca half as long, glabrous but with villous margin, the scales of the anterior petals with simple orange crests, the reflexed appendage densely pubescent on margin only, the anterior glands glabrous, ca 1 mm long, ca twice as long as broad; stamens 8, the 3 anterior ones only slightly reduced; filaments glabrous, somewhat flattened; styles 3, short. Capsules suborbicular, sessile, glabrate,  1-1.5 cm long, reddish, with 3 narrow wings to 4 mm wide; valves splitting between the wings; seed solitary, black, shiny, ca 7 mm long, sparsely and softly pubescent with short trichomes, subtended by a white, fleshy aril. Croat 7997.

Occasional, in the forest; juveniles often seen as an erect, shrublike plant. Flowers in the middle of the rainy season (June to October). The fruits mature in the dry season.

Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela; West Indies. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest on both slopes of the Canal Zone and in Bocas del Toro, Panama, and Darien, and from premontane moist forest in the Canal Zone (Farfan Beach), and from premontane wet forest in Panama (Cerro Campana).

See Fig. 343.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Paullinia glomerulosa flower
  • Paullinia glomerulosa flower plant
  • Paullinia glomerulosa fruit
  • Paullinia glomerulosa fruit
  • Paullinia glomerulosa Infructescences
  • Paullinia glomerulosa fruit plant
  • Paullinia glomerulosa leaf
  • Paullinia glomerulosa seed-dry
  • Paullinia glomerulosa seed-wet
  • Paullinia glomerulosa seed-wet