Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Passiflora vitifolia

H.B.K., Nov. Gen. & Sp. 2:138.1817

Guate-guate, Pasionaria, Granadilla, Granadillo de monte

Liana; stems to at least 1.5 cm diam, ± densely ferruginous-pubescent on all parts. Stipules deciduous, subsetaceous, ca 5 mm long; petioles 2-6 cm long, incon­spicuously glandular toward base; blades deeply trilobate, ± deeply cordate, 7-14 cm long, 9-14 cm wide, the lobes acute to acuminate at apex, the central lobe larger, the upper surface sparsely strigillose except on tomentulose veins, the lower surface softly ferruginous-pubescent, the glands minute, 2 to several, around base of each sinus; palmate veins 5. Flowers solitary in axils, often borne on young leafless branches, 10-15 cm wide when open; peduncles 3-5.5 cm long (to 6.5 cm long in fruit), the bracts 3, free, lanceolate, 2.5-3 cm long, glabrescent, glandular-serrate, generally with a larger (1 mm across) disk-shaped pair of glands toward the base; sepals 5, narrowly lanceolate, 6-8 cm long, l-2 cm wide, with a long slender appendage at apex; petals 5, linear-lanceolate, 4-6 cm long; both sepals and petals deep scarlet to ma­genta, reflexed when open; corona filaments in 3 series, the outer longest, to 2 cm long, erect, bright red or bright yellow; anthers 5, green, held perpendicular on gyno­phore; operculum deflexed, to 1 cm long, fimbriate; gyno­phore ca 1 cm long, pale red; ovary densely tomentulose. Berries ovoid, 5-8 cm diam, puberulent, greenish-yellow with darker stripes and bands of lighter splotches, very fragrant; seeds ± flattened, ca 6 mm long and 5 mm wide, reticulate with numerous small punctations, light-colored. Croat 4766, 8319.

Frequent in the forest. Flowers from December to May, elsewhere in Panama also from July to November. Fruit maturity time not determined.

Native to lowland forests from Nicaragua to Venezuela and Peru; cultivated in the West Indies and elsewhere.

In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocas del Toro, San Blas, Panama, and Darien, from premontane wet forest in Colón, Coclé, and Pa­nama, and from tropical wet forest in Colón Coclé, Panama, and Darien.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Passiflora vitifolia flower-bud
  • Passiflora vitifolia flower-bud
  • Passiflora vitifolia flower
  • Passiflora vitifolia flower
  • Passiflora vitifolia flower
  • Passiflora vitifolia Inflorescence
  • Passiflora vitifolia flower plant
  • Passiflora vitifolia fruit
  • Passiflora vitifolia immature-fruit