Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Marila laxiflora

Rusby, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 6:9.1896

Small tree, to 20 m tall, glabrous except for inconspicuous pubescence on young stems, petioles, and inflorescence branches. Petioles 6-15 mm long; blades oblong-elliptic, acuminate, obtuse to rounded at base, 11-25 cm long, 5-9 cm wide, often with conspicuous pellucid dots in areoles below; midrib and major lateral veins prominently raised below, the major lateral veins connected by numer­ous parallel, sinuate, tertiary veins mostly at ± right angles to major laterals, the reticulate veins below anasto­mosing. Racemes axillary, 15-20 cm long, pendent, sparsely flowered; flowers green, fragrant, mostly bisex­ual; pedicels stout, ca 8 mm long, ± perpendicular to rachis; sepals 4 or 5, ovate, 7-9 mm long; petals 4 or 5, ± oblong or elliptic, about as long as calyx; stamens numerous, yellowish-brown, forming a ± globular mass; filaments nearly free; stigma 1, ± sessile, subentire, sticky. Capsules ± linear, 4-7 cm long, less than 5 mm diam, splitting longitudinally into 2 or 4 segments; seeds many, dark, ellipsoid, ca 0.6 mm long, comose at both ends, the trichomes light brown, 2-3 mm long. Croat 10806.

Collected twice near the Laboratory Clearing, not seen otherwise. Flowers from March to August, chiefly in the rainy season (July to August). Mature fruits known from April and November.

The genus is unusual among the Guttiferae of Panama in having wind-dispersed seeds.

Known only from Panama, from wetter regions of tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Coclé, Panama, and Darién, from premontane wet forest in the Canal Zone (Pipeline Road), Colón (Achiote), and Panama (Cerro Campana), and from premontane rain forest in Panama (Cerro Jefe).

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Marila laxiflora flower-bud
  • Marila laxiflora Inflorescence
  • Marila laxiflora fruit
  • Marila laxiflora Infructescences
  • Marila laxiflora fruit plant
  • Marila laxiflora immature-fruit
  • Marila laxiflora leaf
  • Marila laxiflora seed-wet
  • Marila laxiflora
  • Marila laxiflora