Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Leochilus scriptus

(Scheidw.) Reichb.f., Xenia Orch. 1:15, t. 6.1854

Caespitose, erect epiphyte, 10-20 cm tall; pseudobulbs compressed, ellipsoid, 2-5 cm long, enveloped at base by several imbricating bracts. Leaves usually solitary from apex of pseudobulb, ligulate, shortly bifid at the apex, 6-14 cm long, 1-2.8 cm wide, short-petiolate. Racemes 1 or 2 from basal leaf axils,       ± equaling leaves; flowers 1.5-2 cm diem, greenish-yellow with purplish-brown markings especially near center of each segment; sepals subequal, spreading, 8-12 mm long, 2.5-5 mm wide, the dorsal sepal concave, keeled; petals similar to dorsal sepal, lanceolate, acute; lip obovate-oblong, truncate, to 12 mm long and 7 mm wide, keeled on lower surface, thickened at base and adnate to the base of the column; column semiterete with 2 extended ligular arms below the stigma; anther terminal and caplike. Fruits narrowly ellipsoid, to ca 4 cm long, the body 2-2.2 cm long, 6-ribbed, 3 ribs obscure, the 3 alternate ribs very flattened. Dressler 2900.

Rare. Flowers in Panama chiefly in the late rainy and early dry seasons (November to February). The fruits probably develop quickly; mature fruits have been seen in February.

Guatemala to Panama. In Panama, known from tropi­cal moist forest on both slopes of the Canal Zone and in Veraguas and Panama.