Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Hydrocotyle umbellata

L., Sp. Pl. 234. 1753

Glabrous herb, usually aquatic, creeping, densely rooting at nodes. Leaves single at each node; petioles 5-20 (40) cm long, fleshy; blades peltate, orbicular, 2-7.5 cm diam, crenate or crenately lobed. Umbels simple, axillary; pe­duncles long, erect, ± equaling leaves; flowers 5-parted, several to many on rays 2-25 mm long; sepals lacking; petals 5, white, ca 1 mm long, spreading at anthesis, becoming recurved; stamens spreading, less than half as long as or equaling petals; styles 2, spreading, or directed toward one another; stigmas ± globular. Fruits ellipsoid, 2-carpellate (rarely 3-carpellate), 1-2 mm long, 2-3 mm broad. Croat 13233.

Uncommon, restricted to swampy areas on the south side of the island at the lake's edge; a component of the floating marshes. Flowering and fruiting year-round.

Throughout warmer regions of the New World; trop­ical southern Africa. In Panama, known from aquatic situations in tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocas del Toro, Colon, Chiriqui, and Panama, from tropical dry forest in Coclé, and from premontane wet forest in Chiriqui and Coclé,

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Hydrocotyle umbellata
  • Hydrocotyle umbellata in quiet pond
  • Hydrocotyle umbellata in quiet pond
  • Hydrocotyle umbellata in quiet pond