Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Hasseltia floribunda

H.B.K., Nov. Gen. & Sp. 7:232, pl. 651. 1825

Raspa lengua, Parimontón

Small tree, 4-20 m tall; trunk to 30 cm dbh, often form­ing stilt-roots when leaning; outer bark smooth, thin; inner bark tan, granular, streaked with harder dark areas; young stems, petioles, and midribs above sparsely pubes­cent. Petioles 1-4 cm long; blades ± elliptic, acuminate, obtuse at base and with 2 green glands on upper surface, 7-22 cm long, 4-11 cm wide, coarsely serrate; palmate veins at base 3, with a second pair of lateral veins arising in apical half to two-thirds of blade. Umbels divaricately branched, often broader than long; inflorescence branches, pedicels, and flowers puberulent; flowers 4-parted; sepals acute at apex; petals white, narrowly spatulate, to 2.7 mm long, equaling sepals; both petals and sepals recurved at anthesis; stamens numerous, 3-4 mm long; ovary ± stalked, nearly glabrous; style to 2 mm long; stigma sim­ple. Berries subglobose, to 8 mm long, red turning dark violet-purple at maturity; seeds 1 or 2, to 5 mm long. Croat 7273.

Common in the forest, especially the young forest. Flowers mostly in the dry season, but as late as June. Most fruits mature in the late dry and early rainy seasons. Plants may develop a second inflorescence from the base of the infructescence at about the time the fruits are maturing.

Fruits are eaten by white-faced monkeys in June (Hladik & Hladik, 1969).

Honduras to northern South America. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocas del Toro, Colón, Panama, and Darien and from tropical wet forest in Colón, (Portobelo). Reported from premontane wet and premontane rain forests in Costa Rica (Holdridge et al., 1971).

See Fig. 399.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Hasseltia floribunda flower-bud plant
  • Hasseltia floribunda flower
  • Hasseltia floribunda flower
  • Hasseltia floribunda Inflorescence
  • Hasseltia floribunda Inflorescence
  • Hasseltia floribunda flower plant
  • Hasseltia floribunda flower plant
  • Hasseltia floribunda fruit-dry
  • Hasseltia floribunda fruit
  • Hasseltia floribunda immature-fruit