Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Guatteria dumetorum

Fries, Kongl. Svenska Veten­-skapsakad. Handl., ser. 3, 24 (10):12.1948

Tree, 20-35 m tall, to 80 cm dbh, sparsely buttressed; outer bark coarse, dark, flaky; inner bark tan, unmarked; younger branchlets appressed-pubescent, becoming glabrate; sap with sweet aroma. Petioles 6-10 mm long, pubescent; blades narrowly elliptic, acuminate, acute at base and decurrent onto petiole, 6.5-15 cm long, 2.5-5

cm wide, glabrate above, sparsely appressed-pubescent below, the surfaces smooth when fresh, minutely warty when dry. Flowers greenish-yellow, l or 2 in leaf axils; pedicels 2-2.5 cm long, sparsely to moderately pubescent, articulate ca 5 mm above base; sepals and petals densely sericeous to tomentose; sepals 3, valvate, 3-4 mm long, recurved; petals 6, imbricate, ± equal, rounded at apex, ca 1 cm long; staminal cluster ca 6 mm wide, somewhat 3-sided, burnt orange to tan; anthers ca 1 mm long. Monocarps 6-30, ellipsoid, acute at both ends, 1-2.5 cm long, purplish, 1-seeded, on a stipe to 12 mm long. Croat 7738, 14040.

Frequent in the old forest. Flowers throughout the year, mainly from February through August, with some individuals flowering more than once a year. Time of fruit maturity not known.

Known only from Panama, from tropical moist forest on BCI and in Darien and from premontane wet forest in the Canal Zone (Pipeline Road) and Colón.

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Guatteria dumetorum flower
  • Guatteria dumetorum flower
  • Guatteria dumetorum flower
  • Guatteria dumetorum flower plant
  • Guatteria dumetorum flower plant
  • Guatteria dumetorum fruit
  • Guatteria dumetorum Infructescences
  • Guatteria dumetorum immature-fruit
  • Guatteria dumetorum immature-Infructescences
  • Guatteria dumetorum leaf