Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Gouania adenophora

Pilg., Notizblatt 6:314. 1915

Liana, climbing into canopy of forest; younger stems densely puberulent, the older stems glabrous; outer bark grayish. Petioles 1-3 cm long, canaliculate, weakly pubes­cent to glabrous; blades ovate to       ovate-elliptic, abruptly acuminate and downturned, rounded to subcordate at base, 4-14 cm long, 2.5-9 cm wide, glabrous above, sparsely and inconspicuously pubescent below especially on the major veins; major lateral veins in 4-6 pairs, arcuate-ascending, the 2 basal pairs arising at the base of leaf, the tertiary veins more or less conspicuous, ex­tending almost straight between primary lateral veins. Cymes umbelloid, less than 1 cm long, arranged in termi­nal racemes 15-25 cm long; peduncles bracteate, the bracts deltoid, acute, pubescent; flowers bisexual, densely aggregated, numerous; pedicels ca 1 mm long, densely villous; calyx bowl-shaped, densely villous especially toward base, the lobes deltoid, ca 1 mm long; petals obovate, cupulate, with the margins partially enclosing the subtending stamen, rounded at apex, somewhat clawed at base; stamens 5, borne on the margin of the disk with the petals, ca 1 mm long; disk 5-sided, the inner margin adjacent to the ovary with 3 erect lobes opposite the stigmas; pistil ca 0.3 mm long, depressed in disk; stigmas 3, about as long as style. Schizocarps of 3, 2-winged mericarps, each 8-11 mm wide, glabrous except near apex, the body 7-9 mm long; wings reniform, 8-12 mm long; seeds narrowly ellipsoid, flattened, 4 mm long. Foster s. n.

Apparently rare, though reported by R. Foster (pers. comm.) to drop fruits in the old forest near Armour Trail 700 and Drayton Trail 100. Flowering in July and Au­gust. Fruiting in September and October.

Determination of the species is doubtful, because the plant most closely matches a Peruvian plant. Perhaps it is a new species, but because of the polymorphic nature of Gouania I am reluctant to describe it as new.

Peru and Panama. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone (BCI), from premontane wet forest in the Canal Zone (Pipeline Road) and Panama (El Llano-Carti Road), and from tropical wet forest in Colon (Rio Guanche) and Panama (El Llano-Carti Road).