Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Forsteronia peninsularis

Woods., Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 22:215. 1935

Liana, ± glabrous; stems slender, usually less than 1 cm diam; outer bark thin, brown; sap thick,  grayish-white. Leaves opposite; stipules inconspicuous; petioles 4-5 mm long, canaliculate; blades narrowly elliptic, acumi­nate and downturned at apex, acute at base, 2.5-8.5 cm long, 1-3.3 cm wide, glabrous or nearly so, often with pitlike axillary domatia below, the margins revolute; major lateral veins 4-6, obscure. Inflorescences terminal, ± flat-topped, dichasial cymes, bearing several to many flowers, the branches minutely puberulent, each sub­tended by an acute bract to 1.3 mm long; pedicels ca 1.5 mm long; flowers 5-parted, ca 7 mm long (excluding pedicel); calyx 2.3 mm long, thickest at base, the lobes acute, thickened medially, imbricate, inconspicuously ciliolate, bearing minute squamellae at base inside, these shorter than nectaries; corolla pale yellow, to 8 mm wide, minutely and inconspicuously puberulent except at base, the tube 2 mm long, as broad as long, with a densely villous ring at apex inside, the lobes spreading, to ca 3.7 mm long, acute at apex, ciliolate; stamens ca 4.7 mm long, exserted at anthesis; filaments fused to tube near base, weakly connate at least below anthers; anthers connate, ca 2.3 mm long, sagittate at base; ovary pubescent; stigma 1, ± conical, held tightly inside anthers, sticky; nec­taries ovate, ± orange, ca 0.5 mm long, pubescent near apical margin, the nectar stored in corolla tube. Follicles paired, to 15 cm long, 3-4 mm diam, terete, glabrous; seeds oblong-linear, concave on one side, ca 7 mm long, pubescent, with a tuft of trichomes at apex. Croat 14000, Foster 950.

Apparently uncommon, in the forest. Flowers from the middle of the dry season to the early rainy season.

Individuals flower for at least a month, with some fruits of nearly mature size on flowering plants. Mature fruiting season unknown.

Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama, probably ranging all along the Atlantic slope of Central America. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest on BCI and from premontane wet forest in Colón (Santa Rita Ridge) and Los Santos.