Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Elleanthus longibracteatus

(Lindl. ex Griseb.) Fawc., Fl. Pl. Jam. 38.1893

E. trilobatus Ames & Schweinf.

Epiphytic (or elsewhere terrestrial); pseudobulbs lacking; stems slender and reedlike, to 120 cm tall, Leaves ± equidistant on stem, somewhat lanceolate, acuminate, to 18 cm long, plicate, becoming bractlike near apex; basal leaves deciduous. Inflorescences terminal, dense, many­-flowered, bracteate, congested racemes to 9 cm long; lower bracts to 2.5 cm long, the upper ones reduced; flowers white or yellowish, ca 8 mm long; dorsal sepal apiculate, the lateral sepals somewhat oblique, acute; petals  linear-oblong, obtuse, to 7 mm long; lip trilobulate, 6-7.5 mm broad, fimbriate-lacerate in outer half, the

base with a pouchlike enlargement. Fruits elliptic-oblong, 1-2 cm long. Shattuck 201.

Apparently rare, collected once on Pearson Trail. Seasonal behavior not determined. The species has been collected in flower in the Canal Zone in May.

Costa Rica to Colombia. In Panama, known principally from tropical wet forest in Colon (Portobelo) and Panama (Cerro Campana); known also from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone and Panama.