Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Desmodium triflorum

(L.) DC., Prodr. 2:334.1825


Prostrate, rooting, often matting herb; stems slender, usually pilose, to 30 cm long. Leaves trifoliolate; stipules ovate, ca 2.5 mm long; petioles ca 4 mm long; leaflets broadly obovate, emarginate or truncate at apex, obtuse at base, glabrous above, moderately to densely sericeous below, the terminal leaflet 7-10 mm long, 6-10 mm wide, the lateral leaflets smaller. Flowers bright lavender, small, in axillary clusters of 1-3; pedicels 4-7 mm long; calyx deeply dentate, 4-5 mm long, pilose; corolla little longer than the calyx. Loments not stipitate, curved upward, entire along upper margin, undulate on lower margin, uncinate-puberulent, the trichomes retrorse, reticulate; segments 4-6, ca 3 mm long. Hladik 89.

Collected once in the Laboratory Clearing. Flowers and fruits probably only in the dry season (December to April).

Pantropical. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone (Atlantic slope), Bocas del Toro, and Colon and from tropical dry forest in Panama (Ta­boga Island).

Photos from STRI Digital Archive

  • Desmodium triflorum
  • Desmodium triflorum, leaves
  • Desmodium triflorum, flowers and leaves
  • Desmodium triflorum, flowers and leaves