Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Chusquea simpliciflora

Munro, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 26:54.1868


Slender, arching or clambering, vinelike plant, to 25 m long; culms solitary or few in a clump, mostly less than 5 (8) mm diam, glabrous; branches few to many, 7-30 cm long on sterile plants, the nodes usually ciliate. Sheaths ciliate, the lowermost without blades; blades lanceolate, mostly 5-9 cm long, 8-15 mm broad, nearly glabrous except for long, somewhat tufted trichomes at base on lower surface, the margins and midrib on upper surface scabrous, the lower surface with prominent midrib and usually 3 lateral veins. Fertile shoots rare, 2-8 cm long, their leaves much reduced; panicles very small, of 1-4 spikelets, the spikelets 7-9 mm long; glumes minute; sterile lemmas acuminate; fertile lemmas acute. Fruits not seen. Shattuck 717, Croat 4358.

Abundant in the forest, often very abundant locally on the shore. Shattuck 717 was collected in flower early in the dry season. Elsewhere flowers have been seen in October. Plants probably flower only at intervals of several years.

Might be confused with either Rhipidocladum racemi­florum or Lasiacis divaricata (L.) Hitchc.; the latter species is not known from BCI.

Guatemala to Panama. In Panama, known from tropi­cal moist forest in the Canal Zone and its vicinity. See Fig. 44.