Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Asplenium pteropus

Kaulf., Enum. Fi1.170.1824

Epiphyte, to 20 cm tall. Leaves 1-pinnate; petiole and rachis with a narrow strip of foliaceous tissue on either side; leaflets oblong-elliptic, acute at apex, unequal at base with a slight auricle on upper side, 1.5-2.5 cm long, ca 8 mm wide, thin, deeply and ± evenly serrate, the veins nearly all simple. Sori several, oblong, on distal side of lateral veins oblique to midrib, usually in all but basal and apical fourth of leaflets.

Reported by Standley, but no specimens were cited and none has been seen from the island. The species has been seen in Frijoles (Killip 12151) and could very easily be overlooked.

Easily distinguished by the thin, deeply serrate leaflets with free veins and by the narrowly margined petiole and rachis.

Guatemala south to Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia. In Panama, known from lower montane wet forest (usually above 1,000 m) in Chiriqui and Darien (Cerro Pirre); known also from tropical moist forest on BCI and in San Blas and from premontane wet forest in Panama (Cerro Campana).