Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Adiantum seemannii

Hook., Species filicum 2(5):81A.1851

Terrestrial, usually to about 50 cm tall; rhizome short­-creeping, densely scaly. Leaves 1- or 2-pinnate; petiole, rachis, and petiolules blackish and shiny; leaflets ovate, acuminate at apex, oblique and obtuse to truncate or cordate at base, to 9 cm long and 7 cm wide, glabrous and glaucous beneath, the sterile margins coarsely and unevenly serrate; petiolules slender, 2-7 cm long. Sori interrupted along margin. Aviles 79.

Uncommon to rare, in the forest.

Not confused with any other species on the island. Distinguished by its large, ovate, long-petiolate leaflets. Mexico to Colombia. In Panama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocas del Toro, Panamá, and Darien, from premontane moist forest in Pan­ama (Panama City), and from premontane wet forest in Chiriqui.