Flora of Barro Colorado Island

Acacia acanthophylla

(Britt. & Rose) Standl., Publ. Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. Ser.18:488.1937

Lianas climbing into canopy; trunk and branches sulcate, generally glabrous, the ribs (3) 4 (to several), pubescent, armed with prickles, the prickles numerous, 3-5 mm long, broad-based, recurved. Leaves bipinnate with 4-9 pairs of pinnae; rachis and petiole glabrous to puberulent, usually armed and sometimes with many slender stalked glands ca 0.5 mm long, the glands sometimes at nodes on rachis; leaflets in 8-25 pairs per pinna, oblong-elliptic, oblique, acute to ± rounded and apiculate at apex,       trun­cate at base and attached at a corner, 8-14 mm long, 1.5-4 mm wide, the margins entire or sparsely ciliate. Flowers in short, paniculate spikes; calyx and corolla glabrous. Legumes tan, 15-20 cm long, ca 3.5 cm wide, flat. Croat 15568.

Collected once in the old forest above the escarpment. Seasonal behavior unknown. Immature fruits have been seen in December.

The flower and fruit description given here is taken from the Flora of Guatemala (Standley & Steyermark, 1946). BCI vegetative material differs from the descrip­tions of other authors by having larger leaflets (to 14 mm long and 4 mm wide, compared to 10 mm long and 2 mm wide).

Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Pan­ama. In Panama, known only from tropical moist forest on BCI.