Flora of Barro Colorado Island


Selecting from the drop-down lists

The Flora of Barro Colorado Island includes descriptions for some families and genera. In order to provide access to these descriptions, the drop-down name lists function slightly differently from what you may be accustomed to. All taxonomic levels (family, genus, species) that have a description are listed in red.

Selecting a higher taxonomic level (order, family, genus) automatically filters the contents of the lower taxonomic level drop-down lists. If you have selected a name in red, you will be see a box appear to the right the says ‘View xxxxxx’. For example, after selecting Araceae you will see a box with ‘View Araceae’. Clicking on this box will display the description for Araceae. If you then select ‘Anthurium’ from the genus drop-down you see the box change to ‘View Anthurium’. Finally, selecting ‘brownii’ from the species drop-down changes the box to ‘View  Anthurium brownii’.

At any time you can clear the current search and begin again by clicking on the box ‘Clear Selections’.

Croat Names versus Currently Accepted Names

Many taxonomic names have changed since the publication of the Flora of Barro Colorado Island. You may select to search for names as they appear in the book or you may choose to search for the names currently accepted by STRI herbarium.