Pseudalpheopsis guana Anker, 2007

P. guana
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Original DescriptionPseudalpheopsis guana Anker, 2007b: 430, figs.1-8.
ClassificationArthropoda: Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae.
Type LocalityGuana Island, British Virgin Islands (symbol on the map).
Type MaterialLACM; holotype (LACM CR 2000-038) in ethanol, partly dissected but in overall good condition.
Common NamePseudalpheopsis; false alpheopsis.
Taxonomic StatusValid.
Geographic DistributionTropical western Atlantic: presently known only from the type locality in the British Virgin Islands (see map).
FrequencyExtremely rare; presently known from a single specimen.
HabitatCoral rubble fields.
Depth RangeAround 9 m.
Life History and BehaviorUnknown.
Related SpeciesNone.
SizeBody length to about 15 mm.
Color PatternHyaline white with reddish bands (see photo).
Molecular Sequence DataNone.
Major ReferencesAnker, 2007b [original description, illustrations, color photos].