The genus Pseudalpheopsis Anker, 2007

        The genus Pseudalpheopsis is presently monotypic, i.e., it includes only one species.

        Pseudalpheopsis guana Anker, 2007, the type species.

      Pseudalpheopsis may be separated from other alpheid genera by the combination of following characters:

  1. Frontal margin of carapace with rostrum and orbital teeth concealing eyes in dorsal view.

  2. Presence of strap-like epipods (mastigobranchs) on coxae of the third maxilliped and first to fourth pereiopods.

  3. Equal and symmetrical greatly enlarged chelipeds, with peculiar armature and without snapping mechanism.

  4. Sixth abdominal somite (pleomere) with articulated plate.

  5. Carapace with anteriorly produced pseudo-hepatic tooth above pterygostomial angle.

  6. Second pereiopod with five-segmented carpus.

        Pseudalpheopsis is presently known only from the western Atlantic and most likely belongs to a generic complex around Alpheopsis. However, Pseudalpheopsis differs from Alpheopsis and related genera by the unique shape of the chelipeds, especially the chelae, and also by the presence of a pseudo-hepatic tooth (Anker, 2007b).