Alpheus zimmermani Anker, 2007

Alpheus zimmermani
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Original DescriptionAlpheus zimmermani Anker, 2007a:243, figs. 1-3  
ClassificationArthropoda: Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae. 
Type LocalityGuana, British Virgin Islands (symbol on the map). 
Type MaterialLACM CR 2000-037.1, in ethanol, in excellent condition. 
Common NameZimmerman's snapping shrimp. 
Taxonomic StatusValid. Formal description in Anker, 2007a
Geographic DistributionTropical western Atlantic [WA]: known only from Guana Island, British Virgin Islands (see map). 
FrequencyExtremely rare, known only from single holotype specimen. 
HabitatCoral reefs. 
Depth RangeSubtidal, in depths around 5-10 m. 
Life History and BehaviorUnknown. 
Related SpeciesNone. 
SizeBody length about 16 mm. 
Color PatternSee photo
Molecular BarcodeGenBank number 000000. 
RemarksAlpheus zimmermani can be recognized by the unique, very conspicuous color pattern (see photo), and presence of a strong mediodorsal carina on the carapace. 
Major ReferencesAnker, 2007a. [original description, illustrations, photo]. 

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