Alpheus firmus Kim and Abele, 1988

Alpheus firmus
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Original DescriptionAlpheus firmus Kim and Abele, 1988: 93, fig. 39. 
ClassificationArthropoda: Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae. 
Type LocalityMiraflores Locks, Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal (symbol on the map). 
Type MaterialHolotype: USNM 229938; paratype: USNM 229939, in ethanol and good condition. 
Common NamePink mud snapping shrimp. 
Taxonomic StatusValid. 
Geographic DistributionEastern Pacific [EP]: with certainty known from Panama Canal (Miraflores Locks) and Punta Paitilla, Panama City (see map). The record from Nayarit, Mexico (Alvarez et al., 1996) is somewhat questionable (see under Remarks below). 
HabitatMud-rock bottoms. 
Depth RangeIntertidal to 1 m. 
Life History and BehaviorLives (probably in pairs) under rocks on mud or muddy sand. 
Related SpeciesAlpheus heterochaelis Say, 1818 [WA]; A. pontederiae Rochebrune, 1883 [EA-WA]; A. "virginiae" Anker et al., in prep. [EA]. Alpheus firmus differs from all of them by the elongated penultimate segment of the third maxilliped and also by uniform pinkish color pattern (see comparison photos). 
SizeBody length to about 35 mm. 
Color PatternSee photo
Molecular BarcodeGenBank number 00000000. 
RemarksAlvarez et al. (1996) reported A. firmus from Nayarit, Mexico. However, their material differs from the type material in several features (at least judging from the drawings) and could represent another species. 
Major ReferencesKim and Abele, 1988 [original description and illustrations]; Abele and Kim, 1989 [distribution in Panama Canal]; Alvarez et al., 1996 [questionable record and range extension]. 

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