Alpheus felgenhaueri Kim and Abele, 1988.

Alpheus felgenhaueri
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Original DescriptionAlpheus felgenhaueri Kim and Abele, 1988: 40, fig. 16. 
ClassificationArthropoda: Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae. 
Type LocalityGuyamas, Sonora, Mexico (symbol on the map). 
Type MaterialUSNM 143347, in ethanol, in good condition. 
Common NameFelgenhauer's snapping shrimp. 
Taxonomic StatusValid. 
Geographic DistributionTropical eastern Pacific [EP]: C Gulf of Guinea to Colima, Mexico (see map). 
HabitatRocky or mixed sand-rock bottoms. 
Depth RangeIntertidal, probably to about 5-10 m. 
Life History and BehaviorLives (probably) under large rocks and rubble. 
Related SpeciesAlpheus blachei Crosnier and Forest, 1965 [EA]; A. splendidus Coutière, 1897 [IWP]; A. confusus Carvacho, 1989 [EP]. Alpheus felgenhaueri can be separated from all these species by the stout dactylus of the third and fourth pereiopods bearing a small unguis on the superior margin (vs. being slender and simple in the other species). It also differs from the sympatric A. confusus by the broader blade of the scaphocerite and shorter rostrum; and from A. splendidus by the orbital teeth situated closer to the anterior margin (vs. in quasi-dorsal position in A. splendidus). 
SizeBody length to at least 30 mm. 
Color PatternUnknown. 
Molecular BarcodeNot available. 
RemarksSome of the older records of A. splendidus from the E Pacific (e.g., Wicksten, 1983) may refer to A. felgenhaueri
Major ReferencesKim and Abele, 1988 [original description and illustrations]; Villalobos, 2000 [records in Gulf of California]; Hermoso-Salazar and Quintana Meza, 2001 [range extension]; Anker et al., in prep. [remarks, preliminary revision of A. splendidus species complex]. 

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