Alpheus antepaenultimus Kim and Abele, 1988.

Alpheus antepaenultimus
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Original DescriptionAlpheus antepaenultimus Kim and Abele, 1988: 103, fig. 44. 
ClassificationArthropoda: Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Alpheidae. 
Type LocalityAmador, Panama (symbol on the map). 
Type MaterialUSNM 229943 (holotype), 229944 (paratype), in good condition. 
Common NameMangrove snapping shrimp. 
Taxonomic StatusValid. 
Geographic DistributionTropical eastern Pacific [EP]: Costa Rica and Panama (see map). 
FrequencyRelatively common in suitable habitats but difficult to collect. 
Depth RangeIntertidal to 5 m, sand-mud. 
Life History and BehaviorLives (most probably in pairs) in shallow burrows in mud or muddy sand. 
Related SpeciesAlpheus "paenultimantus" Anker et al., in prep. [EP]; A. chacei Carvacho, 1979 [WA]; A. antepaenultimus can be separated from A. "paenultimantus" only genetically and by color pattern; and from A. chacei by the presence of spines on the ventral margin of both chelipeds(see comparison photos). 
SizeBody length to about 25 mm. 
Color PatternSee photo
Molecular BarcodeGenBank number AF309875, AF309876, AF308989, EF532618 , EF532619
Major ReferencesKim and Abele, 1988 [original description and illustrations]; Anker et al., in prep. [comparison with A. chacei and A. "paenultimantus", color photos]. 

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