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Halodule beaudettei(Hartog) Hartog
Dioecious perennial. Internodes 0.75-3.50 cm long with a short erect stem at each node. Fine straplike leaves 5-18 cm long and 0.3-1.0 mm wide.

Photo scale bar: 5cm
Frequently encountered in ground swell and smell stretch of land. It is a type of seagrass common for the Caribbean that has also been reported in the Pacific Ocean (reported in the National Park of Coiba Island) and long the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. In Bocas del Toro, this species is present in ground swell zones of Bocas del Drago in Isla Colon, in Punta Vieja in Isla Bastimentos and in most of the surrounding islands, especially in shallow lakes.

Occurs in intertidal and shallow subtidal regions on a range of sediment types. Often grows near river mouths or in mangrove swamps.
Formerly known as Halodule wrightii.

Halodule  beaudettei
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