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Rhynchospora cephalotes(L.) Vahl
Common Name:Tapir grass / Paja macho de monte

(L.) Vahl, Enum. Pl. 2:237. 1805

Paja macho de monte

Perennial, usually 75-100 cm tall, with a coarserhizome. Leaves linear, 5-15 mm wide, the margins scabrous. Bractssubtending inflorescence usually 2 or 3, long, leaf­like;spikelets in a dense, terminal, sessile, ovoid head 1.5-4 cm long;flowers numerous, ca 7 mm long, the upper ones staminate, the lowerones bisexual; scales greenish to light brown with a stout tip;stamens 3; style bifid. Achenes subglobose, weakly flattened, 1.5-2mm long, light brown, capped by persistent green tubercle andsubtended from base by 6 persistent bristles to ca 5 mm long.Croat 8554.

Occasional in the forest, but locally commonalong the shore, usually near water. Flowers from the late rainyseason through the dry season. The fruits mature in the late dryand early rainy seasons.

The species is quite variable elsewhere. Mexicoto Trinidad and Brazil; Jamaica. In Panama, known from tropical dryforest in Herrera, Coclé, Pan­ama, and Darien, frompremontane moist forest in the Canal Zone, from tropical moistforest in the Canal Zone and Colon, from premontane wet forest inPanama, and from tropical wet forest in Colon and Panama.

See Fig. 55.

Rhynchospora  cephalotes
Rhynchospora cephalotes
Enrique Moreno, David Roubik
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