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Geonoma interrupta interrupta(Ruiz & Pav.) Mart.

(R. & P.) Mart., Hist. Nat. Palm. 2:8, t. 7.1823

G. oxycarpa Mart.; G. binerviaOerst.

Small, monoecious tree, to 6 m tall; trunk to 6.5cm diam; leaf scars prominent, to 8 cm apart. Leaves glabrous,ir­regularly pinnate, ca 2.5 m long; petioles 40-65 cm long,vaginate at base, flattened above with sharp edges; blades oftenmore than 2 m long; leaflets in 20-30 pairs, abruptlylong-acuminate, held in a single plane, 45-60 cm long, 1-9 cm wide(except terminal), spaced 1-10 cm apart, with 1-7 ribs prominent onupper and lower surfaces; rachis flat below, becoming triangulateby middle of blade; juvenile leaves entire. Spadix somewhat maroon,compound, branched many times, 60-75 cm long, often about as broadas long, lightly pubescent; flower pits spirally arranged in 5series ca 3-6 mm apart; staminate flowers whitish, exserted, ca 4mm long; pistillate flowers shorter, embedded. Fruitsglobular-ellipsoid, 4-6 mm long; pericarp slightly fleshy, becomingreddish and finally purple to black at maturity; seed 1. Croat7432, 9303.

Occasional and usually widely dispersed in theforest. Flowering data is inconclusive. Flowers and fruits may beseen in most months of the year, but the flowers appear principallyin the dry and early rainy seasons, with the fruits maturing duringthe rainy season.

Possibly confused with Synechanthuswarscewiczianus, a plant of similar habit with irregularleaves but with an inflorescence of many slender undividedbranches. Some plants possibly are entirely staminate, since theinflores­cences wither after flowering. I am using here thebroader interpretation of this species used in the Floraof Surinam (Wessels-Boer, 1965) and not the narrowerinterpretation used in the monograph of geonomoid palms(Wessels­Boer,1968).

Mexico to Panama and northwestern South America; Haiti. InPanama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone, Bocasdel Toro, San Blas, Darien, and Panama.

Geonoma  interrupta  interrupta
Geonoma interrupta
Enrique Moreno, David Roubik
Geonoma  interrupta  interrupta
Geonoma interrupta var. interrupta
Andrés Hernández
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