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Monstera adansonii laniataSchott (Schott) Madison
Common Name:Hierba de puerco

 (Schott) Mad., Contr. Gray Herb. 207:38.1977

Epiphytic vine; caudex minutely speckled, smooth,1-2.5 cm diam, closely appressed to tree or more often free,scandent; internodes 6-10 cm long. Petioles minutely speckled,10-33 cm long, sheathed to near the apex, canaliculate above thesheath, the sheaths to ca 1 cm high on the sides, tapered somewhattoward apex, the sides rounded and free at apex; blades ovate,rarely elliptic, inequilateral, abruptly acuminate, downturned, andweakly inequilateral at apex, obtuse to truncate orsub­cordate at base, 15-35 cm long, 9-28 cm wide,semi­glossy, the lower surface slightly paler; midrib andmajor lateral veins sunken, slightly paler, the secondary lateralveins visible, dark; preadult leaves much like adult but smaller.Inflorescences solitary or up to 6 per node, each subtended by abracteole to 12-16 cm long; peduncles flattened somewhat laterally,minutely speckled, 6-9 cm long, to 1 cm diam, to 16 cm long infruit; spathe creamy-­white at anthesis, caducous, acuminate,ca 11 cm long; spadix white at anthesis, soon becoming palegreenish­white, 6-9 cm long, to ca 1 cm wide; fruitingspadices white, to 16 cm long and 2 cm wide. Fruits not coalescedat maturity, to ca 10 mm long and 4 mm wide. Croat 6225.

Apparently rare on the island, though commonelse­where in adjacent areas of the Canal Zone; collected oncebetween the dock and Fairchild Point. Flowers and fruits throughoutthe rainy season, mostly from April to August, less frequently asearly as February and as late as October. Fruiting occurs mostlyfrom September to December, less frequently as early as July.

Honduras to Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas.In Panama, known principally from tropical moist forest in Bocasdel Toro, Colon, Canal Zone, Chiriqui, and Darien, but also frompremontane wet forest in Bocas del Toro and from tropical wetforest in Colon and Coclé.

Monstera  adansonii  laniata
Monstera adansonii laniata
Enrique Moreno, David Roubik
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