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Dioscorea trifidaL. f.
Common Name:Yam

L.f., Suppl. Pl.Syst. Veg. 427. 1781

Ñame, Yampi, Yam

Dioecious twining vine, nearly glabrous; stemsconspic­uously 4-winged on the angles. Leaves alternate;petioles to 15 cm long; blades cordate, 3-5-lobed, 6-23 cm long, asbroad as long, glabrous to minutely puberulous on upper surface andon the veins below, pellucid-lineolate, not obviously glandular,the lobes acute to acuminate, the terminal lobe with 3 veins; veins9-13, palmate. Stam­inate spikes axillary, 2-5 per axil, theirflowers greenish, solitary, short-pedicellate, the ovary pubescent;tepals 6, oblong-lanceolate, to 2.7 mm long; stamens 6, allfertile, ca 1.3 mm long, attached to tepals; anthers introrse;pistil­late flowers not seen. Capsules 3-winged, ca 2.7 cmlong and 1.7 cm wide (fide Morton (1945) in Flora ofPanama), puberulent. Croat 7242.

Cultivated at the Laboratory Clearing. Seasonalbe­havior uncertain. Probably flowering and fruiting in thedry season.

Native to South America; cultivated widely, at least fromGuatemala to Peru and Brazil, and also in the West Indies. InPanama, known from tropical moist forest in the Canal Zone andPanama and from premontane moist forest in Panama.

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