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Craugastor jota Lynch 1980

Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)

Common name

Rio Changena Robber Frog



Species description based on Lynch (1980). A small frog with a broad head and short, sloping snout (Lynch 1980). The nostrils are noticeably prominent. Females reach lengths of 28.5 mm. No male specimens have been found; thus, the size of males is unknown.


Dorsal coloration is grayish brown or brown with some spotting. The dorsal surface is covered in very small warts.


The belly is dark brown or black with bluish-white flecks, but the throat is orange or brownish-orange. The ventral surface is smooth.

Concealed surfaces

The flanks have light pinkish-tan markings. The rear and lower portions of the thighs are black.


Iris is bronze. A median red line separating the upper and lower halves is present.


No published sequences.

Ecology behavior and evolution


Most likely a leaf litter frog, since specimens were found on the ground (Lynch 1980).

Taxonomy and systematics



Lynch 1980


Eleutherodactylus jota


Spanish jota = J. Named in honor of Dr. Jay M. Savage.

Type locality

along the Río Changena, Provincia Bocas del Toro, Panamá, 830 m

Habitat and distribution


This species is known only from one locality in Panama.


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