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Colostethus pratti Boulenger 1899

Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)

Common name

Pratt's Rocket Frog



Species description based on Savage (1968). A small frog. Males and females are similarly sized (to about 24 mm), but can be distinguished because males have mottling on the throat whereas females throats are white. The third finger of adult males is swollen.


The dorsal surface is dark brown, bordered on either side by a lighter dorsolateral stripe.

Colostethus pratti Dorsal 1 Colostethus pratti Dorsal 2

Concealed surfaces

Lateral surface dark except for a light stripe (sometimes fragmented) extending from the groin to halfway to the eye. Rear surface of thighs have two dark marks above and below a central light line.

Colostethus pratti Concealed surfaces 1 Colostethus pratti Concealed surfaces 2


Feet have no webbing between the toes.

Life history


Tadpoles are pale in color (Savage 1968). Some brown flecks may be present on the dorsal surface (Savage 1968). Mouthparts consist of two upper (one continuous and one partial) and three lower teethrows (Savage 1968).

Ecology behavior and evolution


Colostethus pratti populations are likely beginning to decline east of the Panama Canal due to the spread of chytrid fungus to that region (Woodhams et al 2008).

Taxonomy and systematics



Boulenger 1899


Phyllobates pratti

Type locality

Santa Ines, N. of Medellin, Republic of Colombia; altitude 3800 feet

Habitat and distribution


Lowland forest to 1600 m.


Colombia, Panama


Colostethus pratti distribution
Distrubution map (IUCN)


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Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti (Pratt's rocket frog)
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus pratti