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Ranitomeya claudiae Jungfer, Lotters, and Jorgens 2000

Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)



Species description based on Lotters et al (2007). A small, poison frog.


The dorsal surface is black or dark brown, with a narrow light (orange or yellow towards the head, fading to white towards the rear) stripe extending from the snout over the eye along the sides of the body to the rear of the animal. A second, whiter stripe extends along the lip line above the arm to the groin. The upper surfaces of the forearm are light, and the upper surfaces of the thighs are mottled white and brown.

Taxonomy and systematics



Jungfer, Lotters, and Jorgens 2000


Dendrobates claudiae, Dendrobates mimulus

Type locality

Panamá: Pronvincia Bocas del Toro: Festland westlich der Island Loma partida (82° 11′ W/09° 09′ N

Habitat and distribution


Lowland forest on two islands in the Bocas archipelago to 140 m.


Ranitomeya claudiae is known only from the type locality in Panama.


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