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Oophaga vicentei Jungfer, Weygoldt, and Juraske 1996

Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)



Species description based on Lotters et al (2007). A small poison frog.


Dorsal coloration is variable, but includes yellow, red, or green. Individuals have extensive black reticulations on the dorsum that extend down onto the arms and legs.

Taxonomy and systematics


  • Kingdom:Animalia


Jungfer, Weygoldt, and Juraske 1996


Dendrobates vicentei

Type locality

Aus dem Fussweg von El Copé nach Río Blanco del Norte, Passhöhe der Kontinentlscheide etwa 1 km östlich des Cerro Blanco, etwa 8° 40′ N, 80° 36′ W, 912 m NN, Porvincia de Coclé, Panamá

Habitat and distribution


Lowland and premontane forest to 912 m.


Oophaga vicenti is endemic to Panama.


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