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Oophaga speciosa Schmidt 1857

Endangered (IUCN 3.1)
Oophaga speciosa
Oophaga speciosus frog

Common name

Splendid Poison Frog, Splendid Poison-arrow Frog



Species description based on Schmidt (1858) and Silverstone (1975). A small poison frog (to 30 mm).


The dorsal surface is deep red, with faint black, irregular venations. The skin of the dorsum is smooth.

Ecology behavior and evolution


Stomachs contained mostly ants and mites (Silverstone 1975).

Taxonomy and systematics


  • Kingdom:Animalia


Schmidt 1857


Dendrobates speciousus, Hylaplesia speciosa

Type locality

er Weg zwischen Bocca del toro und dem Vulcan Chiriqui. . . zwischen 5000′ und 7000′ Höhe (Panama)

Habitat and distribution


Montane forest


Oophaga speciosa is known only from Panama.


Oophaga speciosa distribution
Distrubution map (IUCN)


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