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Incilius peripatetes Savage 1972

Critically Endangered (IUCN 3.1)

Common name

Almirante Trail Toad



A medium-large toad (a single adult male specimen was 70 mm, Savage 1972).


Dorsal coloration is uniform light brown or grey (Savage 1972). The dorsal surface is rugose, but without any enlarged warts (Savage 1972). The cranial crests are very prominent (Savage 1972). The paratoid glands are slightly smaller than the eye (Savage 1972).


The ventral surface is light brown (Savage 1972).

Concealed surfaces

The rear surfaces of the thighs and the groin are dark brown or black (Savage 1972). Some light spots are present in the groin (Savage 1972).

Distinguishing characteristics

Savage (1972) distinguishes Incilius peripates from similar-looking species, including I. fastidiosus and Crepidophryne epiotica..


The hands and feet are pad-like, having fleshy webbing between the fingers and toes (Savage 1972).


No published sequences.

Ecology behavior and evolution


Males do not have vocal sacs (Savage 1972).


2N =

Taxonomy and systematics


  • Kingdom:Animalia


Savage 1972


Bufo peripatetes, Cranopsis peripatetes, Ollotis peripatetes


Greek peripatetes = one who walks about An allusion to Charles F. Walker, a student of herpetology at the University of Michigan

Type locality

Panama: Provincia de Chiriqui: above Boquete on Almirante trail, 1500 m

Habitat and distribution


Premontane wet forest


This species is known only from Panama.


Incilius peripatetes distribution
Distrubution map (IUCN)


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