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Hyloxalus chocoensis Boulenger 1912

Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)
Hyloxalus chocoensis
Hyloxalus chocoensis frog

Common name

Choco Rocket Frog



Species description based on Cochran and Goin (1970). A small poison frog (to 28 mm).


The dorsum is gray in preservative. A light dorsolateral line extends from the eye along the upper side of the body to the rear, where it nearly meet the line from the other side. Thighs are lightly barred. The lip line is white.


The ventral surface is grey at the throat, gradually becoming lighter towards the rear.

Taxonomy and systematics



Boulenger 1912


Colostethus chocoensis, Hylixalus chocoensis, Phyllobates chocoensis, Prostherapis chocoensis

Type locality

Noananoa, Rio San Juan, Choco, S. W. Colombia, about 100 feet


The taxonomy of this species is currently unresolved.

Habitat and distribution


Lowland and premontane forest to about 1600 m.


Colombia, Panama


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