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Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum Starrett and Savage 1973

Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)
Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum
Adult Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum

Common name

Starrett's Glass Frog


This is a very rare glass frog known only from a few specimens.



Species description based on Savage (2002). A small glassfrog (males to 23 mm, females to 25 mm).

Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum Adult 1


The dorsal surface is green, with rows of rather large, irregularly-shaped yellow spots running laterally down the back. A green middorsal stripe is also characteristic.

Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum Dorsal 1


The ventral surface is transparent. The heart is visible, but the liver and digestive tract appear white.


The eye is golden.

Life history

Breeding season

Males call from the undersurface of leaves (Savage 2002).


The eggs are green (Savage 2002).

Ecology behavior and evolution


A whistly "wheet", often repeated several times (Starrett and Savage 1973)

Behavior and communication

Males guard egg masses at night, but hide away from egg masses during the day (Savage 2002).

Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum Behavior communication 1

Taxonomy and systematics



Starrett and Savage 1973


Centrolenella vireovittata

Type locality

Costa Rica: Provincia de San Jose: Canton Perez Zeledon: 0.5 km NE Alfombra: a place 16 km SW San Isidro de El General on the road to Dominical, 880 m

Habitat and distribution


The few individuals that have been encountered have been found in premontane forest.


Costa Rica, Panama


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