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Gastrotheca nicefori Gaige 1933

Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)

Common name

Niceforo's Marsupial Frog



Species description based on Duellman (2001). A large treefrog with rather short limbs (males to 73 mm, females to 82 mm).


The dorsal surface is light brown. The sides are darker than the upper dorsal surface. Coloration may be lighter during the day.


The ventral surface appears light grey or greyish brown.

Concealed surfaces

The inner surfaces of the limbs are dark brown.


The eye is grey or greyish-brown.


The webbing between the fingers and toes is not extensive. The finger and toe discs are quite large.

Life history


This species is presumed to undergo direct development (Duellman 2001).

Ecology behavior and evolution


Gastrotheca nicefori lives in forest canopy.


A number of chicken-like "clucks" (Duellman 2001).

Taxonomy and systematics



Gaige 1933


Gastrotheca medemi, Gastrotheca yacambuensis


named for Hermano Niceforo Maria

Type locality

Pensilvania, Colombia

Habitat and distribution


Lowland to montane cloudforest to 4200 m.


Colombia, Panama, Venezuela


Gastrotheca nicefori distribution
Distrubution map (IUCN)


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