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Perciformes  -  Scombridae  -  Euthynnus  -  Euthynnus affinis

Euthynnus affinis

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  lines on back: ~ 12 oblique

gill rakers 29-33


Euthynnus affinis (Cantor, 1849)


Elongate, fusiform; no fatty eyelid; jaw teeth slender, conical; top of tongue with 2 cartilaginous crests; 29-33 gill rakers; 1st  dorsal XII-XVI; 2 dorsal fins barely separated; front of 1st  dorsal is high; ~ 9 dorsal finlets and ~ 7 anal finlets; bone between base of pelvics short, forked; pectorals 25-29 rays; two small keels separated by one large one on tail base; corselet of large, thickened scales on front body, body scaleless behind corselet.

Bluey above, silvery below; a cluster of black spots on belly above pelvic fin; ~ 12 oblique dark lines on upper back behind corselet.

Size: 110 cm; at least 13.2 kg.

Habitat: surface pelagic, coastal.

Depth: 0-50 m.

Indo-Pacific; vagrants in the Revillagigedos and southern Baja.

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