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Pleuronectiformes  -  Paralichthyidae  -  Etropus  -  Etropus ectenes

Etropus ectenes

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eyes & head small
body height << 1/2 SL
LL straight, 54-55

pectoral: bars
  D 88-96
A 68-78


Etropus ectenes Jordan in Jordan & Goss, 1889

Sole flounder

Body relatively slender (height 39-48% of SL); head pointed, small, length 21-25% of SL;
 eyes on left side, upper eye at edge of head and partly over midline crest that extends between eyes; mouth very small, 20-25% of head, ends under front edge of eye; jaws on blind side arched; most of teeth on blind side, in 1 row on each jaw, none enlarged; lower gill rakers 8-9; dorsal rays 88-96; anal rays 68-78; base of eye side pelvic on midline of body, 6 pelvic fin rays;  pectoral fin 67-77% of head length; tail fin with blunt angular point; urinary papilla on blind side, immediately behind anus; lateral line starts at top corner of operculum, relatively straight; scales small, rough, easily dislodged, without small accessory scales; 50-59 lateral line scales.

Eye side grey to grey-brown, with dark blotches, fins spotted, eye-side pectoral with irregular bars; blind side pale.

Size: 24 cm.

Habitat: shallow soft bottoms, including estuaries.

Depth: 0-50 m.

Panama to Peru.

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