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Perciformes  -  Serranidae  -  Diplectrum  -  Diplectrum eumelum

Diplectrum eumelum

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under & behind eye: row orange spots + stripe
D & A end & front rays ~ same height
C: bars of orange spots, base - black blotch


preopercle spur deep, angular, con 8-14 espinas
7-10 rows scales on cheek


Diplectrum eumelum Rosenblatt & Johnson, 1974

Orange-spotted sand-perch,     Cheekspot sand-perch,     Pointed sand-perch

Body elongate, moderately compressed; snout blunt, convex tip; 18-22 gill rakers; angle of preopercle a broad, bluntly pointed bony spur with 8-14 long spines, wider than remainder of preopercular margin above; dorsal X,12-13; anal III,7-8; last and first rays of each of dorsal and anal ~ equal length; pelvics under or a little before pectorals; tail concave; snout and between eyes scaleless; scales moderately small, rough; 45-52 lateral line scales, 7-10 vertical rows of scales on cheek.

Upper head and body greybrown, with gold speckling; body sometimes with 5-8 indistinct narrow dark bars; belly white, yellow or light tan; 3-5 orange spots along cheek join orange bar that angles from eye down across preopercular spur, orange spots behind eye and on operculum; inside opercle with large black blotch and yellow area behind it; spiny dorsal dusky, soft part blue with 2 orange stripes changing to spots at rear, fin margin black; tail with vertical rows of small orange spots; large black blotch on tail base; anal white, with yellow marks; pectoral & pelvic yellow.

        Size: 31 cm.

Habitat: soft bottoms.

Depth: 15-100 m.

        Southern Baja and the lower 3/4 of the Gulf of California to northern Peru, the Galapagos.

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