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Carcharhiniformes  -  Triakidae  -  Triakis  -  Triakis maculata

Triakis maculata

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short, rounded snout
fins blunt
scattered dark spots

nostril flaps large
pectoral: broad, triangular


Triakis maculata Kner & Steindachner, 1867

Spotted houndshark

A medium-sized,  very stout shark with a short, broadly rounded snout; eyes are horizontal ovals; front nostrils wide apart, front nasal flaps lobate, not reaching mouth and well separated from each other; long upper lip furrows that reach the lower symphysis of the mouth;  teeth semi-molar-like, with straight erect points and side points absent or poorly developed; pectoral fins broadly curved in adults; dorsal fins of similar size; rear margin of 1st  dorsal oblique; origin of second dorsal fin well forward of anal fin origin; anal fin smaller than and with origin under middle of second dorsal; tail strongly asymmetrical, lower lobe without point; fins with rounded tips.

Generally light grey becoming white on ventral surface; usually scattered black spots on body, but sometimes plain-colored.

Reaches: 180 cm, possibly 240 cm.

Habitat: probably reefs and soft bottoms.

Depth: 10-200 m?.

Galapagos Archipelago and southern Ecuador to northern Chile.

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