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Perciformes  -  Sciaenidae  -  Cynoscion  -  Cynoscion analis

Cynoscion analis

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deep long head
D: IX-X + I, 22-24
C: slightly concave

pectorals reach pelvic tips
A 13-15
all scales smooth

D2 & A scaled


Cynoscion analis (Jenyns, 1842)

Peruvian weakfish

Elongate, fusiform, compressed, oval cross-section; head deep, long, 36% of SL; ridge down front of snout; eye moderate; mouth distinctly oblique, lower jaw prominently projecting; front of top jaws with 1 pair of large pointed canines; no barbels or pores on chin; gill rakers long and slender, 8-9 lower rakers; preoperculum smooth; dorsal with long base, a small gap separating the two parts, IX-X + I, 22-24;  anal fin with  II small (< ½ length of 1st  ray) weak spines, 13-15; pectoral fins relatively long, reaching pelvic tip; rear margin of tail slightly concave; all scales smooth; lateral line straights; inner 3/4 of membranes on soft dorsal and anal fins scaled; pored lateral-line scales about 54-63; lateral line scales larger than adjacent scales, and with small accessory scales.

Back silvery blue, silvery below; all fins except pelvic dark grey, pelvic mid grey; tip of lower jaw dark.

Size: 45 cm.

Habitat: coastal, marine; juveniles enter estuaries and shallow bays.

Depth: 1-50 m.

Colombia to Peru.

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