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Perciformes  -  Chaenopsidae  -  Cirriemblemaria  -  Cirriemblemaria lucasana

Cirriemblemaria lucasana

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cirri: center snout  1,  eyes 2 pr very bushy, nape 2 rows


operculum - oblique dark-edged pale bar


Cirriemblemaria lucasana (Stephens, 1963)

Plume tube-blenny

Head rounded, blunt; snout with one central cirrus; 2 deeply branched cirri above each eye, front cirrus of
 male at least twice as long as eye width, female with shorter cirri; nape with two rows of cirri; dorsal rays XXI-XXII,  15-16, a shallow notch between spiny and soft parts of dorsal fin; anal rays II, 25-27; pectoral rays 14.

Translucent yellowish or pinkish to red; a pair of thin oblique brown bands bordering a whitish area on cheek; cirri yellowish to white; ~ 9 brown saddle-like markings below base of dorsal fin; belly white, with a dark central bar; white dashes along vertebral column.

Size: attains 4 cm.

Inhabits empty mollusc tubes on rocky reefs.

Depth: 5-30 m.

Southern Baja and the lower 2/3 of the Gulf of California to southern Mexico.

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