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Anguilliformes  -  Ophichthidae  -  Quassiremus  -  Quassiremus nothochir

Quassiremus nothochir

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  body - spotted + dark-edged red bars

  pectoral < eye


Quassiremus nothochir (Gilbert, 1890)

Redsaddled snake-eel,     Redbanded snake-eel,     Smallfish snake-eel

Body stout, compressed at rear; tail 44-47% of TL; snout conical, overhanging, with a short groove underneath; lips without barbells; front nostril tubular, rear opens into mouth; gill opening a vertical crescent low on side; teeth pointed, in single rows on jaws and roof of mouth; dorsal fin origin behind gill opening; pectoral fin very tiny, smaller than or equal to eye, its narrow base opposite the top ½ of the gill opening; tail tip a blunt, finless point.

Ground color cream to tan; head with close- set black spots; about 15 large black-edged, red/orange, saddle-like markings on body, with large and small black spots in the spaces between. 

Size: reaches about 70 cm.

Habitat: rubble and rocky bottoms.

Depth: 1-20 m.

The lower 2/3 of the Gulf of California to central Mexico, Costa Rica to W Panama; Cocos Is

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