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Perciformes  -  Chaetodontidae  -  Chaetodon  -  Chaetodon kleinii

Chaetodon kleinii

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bars:  through eye + behind operculum
front white, rear yellow



Chaetodon kleinii Bloch, 1790

Klein's butterflyfish,     Sunburst butterflyfish

Body a strongly compressed oval disc; mouth small, at end of a short (~ eye), pointed snout; teeth long and slender; dorsal fin with XIII-XIV, 22-23; anal fin III, 21-22, 2nd  spine longer than 3rd; rear edges of dorsal and anal fins bluntly angular; tail edge straight to rounded; scales rough, covering dorsal and anal fins as well as head and body; lateral line in a high arch, incomplete (ends under dorsal fin);  33-41 lateral line scales.

Front half white, rear ½ of body and fins yellow-tan; a dark bar from forehead through eye to chest, blue above eye, black below; a broad tan bar behind pectoral.

Size: 15 cm.

Habitat: rocky and coral reefs.

Depth: 3-60 m.

Indo-Pacific; a vagrant in the Galapagos.

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