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Lamniformes  -  Cetorhinidae  -  Cetorhinus  -  Cetorhinus maximus

Cetorhinus maximus

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conical snout
  C ~ symmetric, base - keel

mouth enormous
extremely long gill slits


Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus, 1765)

Basking shark

Stout body; pointed snout; huge mouth; 5 very long gill slits that extend onto the top and bottom of the body, all before the pectoral; long, hair like gill rakers; teeth numerous, minute, hooked; 2 dorsal fins, the first midway between the pectorals and pelvics;  tail nearly symmetrical and half-moon shaped; tail base depressed, with long, strong keel.

Back blackish to grey-brown or blue-grey; belly a little paler.

Size: > 1000 cm.

Habitat: near shore pelagic.

Depth: 0-570 m.

Circumglobal in temperate waters; enters the fringes of our region - to central and possibly southern Baja, possibly the northern Gulf of California; the Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru.

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